• Craftsman Golf original designs and makes handmade golf headcovers

    Craftsman Golf designs and makes handmade golf headcovers and other accessories and also could customize different styles or personal style club headcovers for worldwide golfers. Why choosing Craftsman Golf headcovers? Originally designs and produce directly Full quality inspection with Japan standard Well protecting clubs A team of desingers,variety of styles matching your golf bag 6 months guaranteed Here’re some designs about “WHY”. The colors in the...
  • Odyssey Backstryke Center Shaft Putter Head Cover

    ODD LOOKING PUTTER The design of putters hasn’t changed much over the years, and despite the new and funky designs we see every year, most people still use the more traditional shapes and styles. Having said that, Odyssey has thrown caution to the wind with the introduction of the new BackStryke series of putters.Let’s take a look at these interesting putters and see if they...
  • What’s the difference of Craftsman Golf leather iron head covers?

    1, This leather iron head covers set was created by Craftsman Golf in 2012, and it’s guaranteed. 2, What we use for this iron head covers set is premium lychee pattern leather, not cheap poor quality material. 3, We have Quality Inspection Department.All the iron head covers including driver covers,wood covers and putter covers are checked and tested carefully one by one by the team! So...
  • Headcovers Sizing

    Driver, fairway, and hybrid covers: Driver Our driver covers fit all 460cc driver heads. This includes newer models with cavities and deeper heads as well. These covers also fit smaller drivers (e.g. 420cc), but are not recommended for traditional small wooden driver heads.   Fairway These covers are designed to fit all modern woods.   Hybrid These covers fit all modern size hybrids. Our hybrid cover does...
  • This is why the Long Neck Sock Golf Head Cover was born

    If you play most of your golf using a cart, and you remove the head covers the entire round, there will be some contact between the iron club heads and the graphite shafts. Irons damage the graphite shafts in the golf bag. If there’s a wear spot on your graphite shaft, you must be really annoyed, unless you are not pretty particular about your...
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