• Muscle back & Cavity back & Bladed Iron head covers?

    There’re 3 types irons: Muscle Back Iron, Cavity Back Iron, and Bladed Iron. A lot of top pros use “bladed irons” or “muscle irons” while beginners or Recreational player would like the "cavity back" type. As the bigger iron head the more forgiveness it is going to have, so you could get more forgiveness and more distance if you compare to a bladed iron when you...
  • Reasons to use or not to use iron head cover?

    The reason for using or not using iron head cover has been debated. Let us look at their respective reasons? Not to use1.Damage clubs. The use of iron head covers is not recommended as they trap moisture and accelerate the production of rust.2.Lazy. 3.They also slow pace of play. It became a pain with the pace of golf game, taking the time to put...
  • Holiday Gift Guide

    The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, are you looking for a new head cover? Or if you’re having a hard time to decide what kinds of golf head covers to buy the golfers, pls don’t worry. Handcrafted head covers from Craftsman Golf here for you. There're 20%-60% off of many items of Craftsman Golf head covers. https://craftsmangolf.com/collections/bigsales Below are the...

    Dear Valued Customers & fans,   Thank you very much for your support and loyalty. As to show our warmest appreciation for all of you, we bring you FAN DAY on 15th every month. What is Fan day? To appreciate the continuous support for CRAFTSMAN GOLF fans. So, on Every 15th of each month, coupon code: fanday   How to use the Fan day coupon code? 1, 35% discount; 2, for all items...
  • Putter Head Cover Sizing

    Blade Putter Head Cover CRAFTSMAN GOLF Blade Putter Head Covers are designed to fit most modern standard blade and heel-shafted blade putter designs. Fit Models:Scotty Cameron: Newport, Newport 2, Newport 1.5, Newport 2 Notchback, Newport 2 Mid, Monterey, Monterey 1.5, Fastback, Sonoma, Napa, Del Mar, Laguna, Mil-Spec, etc and even some of the smallest mallet head putters, like Del Mar 3.5's and Studio Design No.5.Odyssey:...
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