What’s the difference of Craftsman Golf leather iron head covers?

1, This leather iron head covers set was created by Craftsman Golf in 2012, and it’s guaranteed.

2, What we use for this iron head covers set is premium lychee pattern leather, not cheap poor quality material.

3, We have Quality Inspection Department.All the iron head covers including driver covers,wood covers and putter covers are checked and tested carefully one by one by the team! So we’re not only just sampling inspection or spot check. And for the surface,there’s no wrinkle on leather by strict quality check.

4, Indentified number embroidered with silver thread,not white thread although the silver thread is more expensive.


5,Velcro closure is bigger and durable.

Moreover, the thickness is without being too tight or too loose.

More new designs will be launched soon! Please stay turned. If more questions,please contact info@craftsmangolf.com. 


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