MyGolfSpy Unoffical Review丨Craftsman Golf Head Covers

First Impressions (4/5 stars)

  • Upon opening the head covers, I was pleased to see that the attention to detail in stitching quality was excellent. I am sure we have all seen products where stitch lines are not straight, doubled over, stitches coming loose, etc. That is not the case with these head covers. Stitch lines are clean and straight.
  • Both head covers are made from synthetic leather. I really like the textured material on the hybrid head cover, it feels very high quality. The material on the putter head cover is smooth, and while nice, it doesn't have that same "look" as what your OEM headcover would. When I compare it to my stock TM Spider Tour headcover, I prefer the look and finish of the TM head cover. The putter also has screen printed graphics, which I think would look better as something stitched into the material, like what they did with their branding of "CRAFTSMAN" on the putter head cover. If the flag graphics were stitched instead of printed, it would take it to a different level of quality in terms of looks. With that being said, the screen printed design is done very well, with sharp, clean lines.
  • Another plus area for the hybrid head cover were the stitched on synthetic leather details. I really think they knocked the hybrid head cover out of the park!
  • Both head covers have a smooth velour lining, and I am confident they will protect my clubs well without scratching
  • One thing I prefer on the Craftsman putter head cover to my TaylorMade head cover is that is is a magnetic closure instead of velcro. The magnet seems very strong, and it is just more convenient than velcro.
  • One star was lost due to the overall look of the putter head cover. The textured material would have looked better than the smooth, and I'd prefer to see stitching over screen print. This is personal preference, and some may really like the screen printed look.
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