• Are you looking for an individual iron cover for single iron?

    Posted on by Bella Green

    As for the single iron headcover for your club,do you have same questions as below?

    “I have a few friends that use your iron covers and I really like them. However, I am only looking for one cover for my 2-iron. Can I order an individual cover? I was looking for one of the magnetic extended version. I didn’t know if y’all carried 2-iron covers or if you had loose X covers left over”

    “I might be interested in ordering the same set for a buddy and just keeping one of them for myself. So if you’d like send me the coupon I’ll think about ordering them.”

    “Is there any way that I could purchase that single cover since I am on a fixed income and can’t afford to buy another complete set”

    “Can I purchase replacement covers for single clubs”

    “Separate iron head cover Needed”

    “I am writing to see if it is possible to order a single covers for individual irons instead of the entire set”

    “ I really like these covers and would like to keep the set complete as someone stole one of them”

    Previously the individual iron cover is too difficult to follow even though we got those request from some customers as for the production schedule,but now it becomes true.We already launched the “Colorful Embroidery Number Iron Head Cover”.The link is here.

    For right hand,including 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,Pw,Aw,Sw,Lw.    

    Here’s the whole set for your reference.

    There're many other original and handmade designs of Craftsman Golf iron headcovers. Regarding the golf headcover and other accessories, please contact us in any time.


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  • Craftsman Golf original designs and makes handmade golf headcovers

    Posted on by Bella Green

    Craftsman Golf designs and makes handmade golf headcovers and other accessories and also could customize different styles or personal style club headcovers for worldwide golfers. Why choosing Craftsman Golf headcovers?

    Originally designs and produce directly

    Full quality inspection with Japan standard

    Well protecting clubs

    A team of desingers,variety of styles matching your golf bag

    6 months guaranteed

    Here’re some designs about “WHY”.

    The colors in the U.S.flag;White signifies purity and innocence;Red,hardiness & valour,and Blue,the color of the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance,perseverance & justince.

    The stars displayed in the canton of the flag.The sats is a symbol of the heavens and the divine goal to which man has aspired from time immemorial,the stripe is symbolic of the rays of light emanating from the sun. 8 Corresponding to the meaning of smooth.5 Splicing belts for 5 continets.

    Source of inspiration

    Juventus have played in black and white striped shirts,with white shorts,sometimes black shorts since 1903.Juventus’s official emblem has undergone different and small modifications since the 1920s.

    Then at the end of 1985,Juventus won the International Cup,plus the previous 1984 European Cup won,which made Juventus the first to win all the International Championships team.

    For other styles,please check out you.

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  • Odyssey Backstryke Center Shaft Putter Head Cover

    Posted on by Bella Green


    The design of putters hasn’t changed much over the years, and despite the new and funky designs we see every year, most people still use the more traditional shapes and styles. Having said that, Odyssey has thrown caution to the wind with the introduction of the new BackStryke series of putters.Let’s take a look at these interesting putters and see if they live up to the hype. 

    Because the shaft goes into the back of the head rather than near the face, this creates an unconventional look. Many people will be familiar with the 2-Ball model, as it looks a lot like the other 2-ball models. The Marxman and Blade models are different, with black and white alignment lines. If you are one of those players out there that doesn’t like center shafted putters because the shaft distracts you and makes it harder to line up, you may like the BackStryke line.




    Do you like an odyssey backstryke putter head cover with your own personal style? Design custom golf headcovers, premium leather. Completely customize your own unique headcover with stripes, colors, stitch, all with personalization.

    Odyssey Backstryke Center Shaft Putter Head Cover

    (Customized by Craftsman Golf)

    Regular Center Shaft Putter Head Cover

    So that we could see below photos with difference of regular center shaft putter head covers which were originally designed and produced by Craftsman Golf.

    Craftsman Golf will create a custom head cover listing for this odd looking head cover for any golfers. Here below are the steps you could follow for your personal custom Odyssey Backstryke putter head cover.

    1, Check the listing here: Odyssey Backstryke Center Shaft Putter Head Cover

    2, Send your own logo or the one you like to Craftsman Golf E-mail:

    3, Craftsman Golf will reply you with a mock up first before production.

    4, Craftsman Golf will follow your custom order accordingly and update you the status.


    If there’re some more questions,please contact


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  • What’s the difference of Craftsman Golf leather iron head covers?

    Posted on by Bella Green

    1, This leather iron head covers set was created by Craftsman Golf in 2012, and it’s guaranteed.

    2, What we use for this iron head covers set is premium lychee pattern leather, not cheap poor quality material.

    3, We have Quality Inspection Department.All the iron head covers including driver covers,wood covers and putter covers are checked and tested carefully one by one by the team! So we’re not only just sampling inspection or spot check. And for the surface,there’s no wrinkle on leather by strict quality check.

    4, Indentified number embroidered with silver thread,not white thread although the silver thread is more expensive.


    5,Velcro closure is bigger and durable.

    Moreover, the thickness is without being too tight or too loose.

    More new designs will be launched soon! Please stay turned. If more questions,please contact 


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  • Headcovers Sizing

    Posted on by Bella Green

    Driver, fairway, and hybrid covers:


    Our driver covers fit all 460cc driver heads. This includes newer models with cavities and deeper heads as well. These covers also fit smaller drivers (e.g. 420cc), but are not recommended for traditional small wooden driver heads.



    These covers are designed to fit all modern woods.



    These covers fit all modern size hybrids. Our hybrid cover does not flare at its opening, giving it a sleeker silhouette.Additionaly, we have many more designs for different looks on your golf bag.


    Blade Putter Head Cover 

    CRAFTSMAN GOLF Blade Putter Head Cover are designed to fit most modern day standard blade and heel-shafted blade putter designs.

    Fit Models:

    Scotty Cameron: Newport, Newport 2, Newport 1.5, Newport 2 Notchback, Newport 2 Mid, Monterey, Monterey 1.5, Fastback, Sonoma, Napa, Del Mar, Laguna, Mil Spec, etc and even some of the smallest mallet head putters, like Del Mar 3.5's and Studio Design No.5.

    Odyssey: White Hot, O-WORKS, #1 - #9

    TaylorMade: Golf Tour, TP Collection, DA-12, MA-81, FO-72, DA-62,     

    Ping: Anser - 6 , Ping B60, Ping ZB, Vault, Sigma G

    Yes: Callie, Jenny, Sophia


    Mid-Mallet Putter Cover

    CRAFTSMAN GOLF Mid-Mallet Putter Covers with two designs (Single magnetic strap and dual magnetic strap) fit most modern day mid-mallet putters.

    Single magnetic strap mallet putter covers fit heel-shafted models in right or left hand;

    Dual magnetic strap mallet covers fit center-shafted models in right or left hand.

    Fit Models:

    Scotty Cameron: GoLo 3, GoLo 5, GoLo 5R, GoLo 6, Rossie II, Futura CB/MB, and similar putters.


    Mallet Putter Cover

    CRAFTSMAN GOLF Mallet Putter Covers with two designs (Single magnetic strap and dual magnetic strap) fit most modern day mallet putters.

    Single magnetic strap mallet putter covers fit heel-shafted models in right or left hand;

    Dual magnetic strap mallet covers fit center-shafted models in right or left hand.  

     Fit Models:

    Scotty Cameron: Futura

    TaylorMade: Itsy Bitsy Spider, OS CB /TP Collection

    Odyssey: O-Works Versa


    Large Mallet Putter Cover

    CRAFTSMAN GOLF Large Mallet Putter Covers with two designs (single magnetic strap and dual magnetic strap) fit most modern day large mallet putters. 

    Single magnetic strap large mallet putter covers fit heel-shafted models in right or left hand;

    Dual magnetic strap large mallet covers fit center-shafted models in right or left hand.  

    Fit models: TaylorMade: Spider Tour 

    Odyssey: Toulon Indianapolis SB AR

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