• FATHER'S DAY GIVEAWAY- Win a gift for your Dad

    Posted on by Summer Peng

    What gift are you going to buy for the father's day? Why not try something special this year?!!!

    Craftsman Golf rolled out a mystery head cover collection, you won't know what the head cover exactly looks like until you receive it. This mystery head cover is a perfect gift for your father. 

    And now, you can win a mystery head cover for free!!!

    Father’s Day Giveaway - Win for Dad!

    How To Enter:

    1. Follow @craftsmangolf on one of our social media platform- Facebook;Twitter;Instagram

    2. Share a photo of your favorite memory with your Dad and @craftsmangolf.

    Winner will have a gift randomly selected from our mystery head covers. 



    Winners will be announced on June 19th!




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  • Fleur De Lis Golf Head Cover Extended Version VS Original

    Posted on by Summer Peng

    Gold & Silver Fleur De Lis Extended Version Golf Head Cover

    Craftsman Golf rolls out Fleur De Lis extended version golf head cover for the new season. These extended version golf head covers were improved on the basis of the original Fleur De Lis golf head cover. So what's the difference between the original version and the extended version? 

    First, we extend the length up to 16.5"(Driver cover),13" (Fairay wood) and 11.3"(Hybrid cover) to protect your golf clubs from rubbing in your bag, They give your shafts a comprehensive protection.

     Gold & Silver Fleur De Lis Extended Version Golf Head Cover

    Secondly, we add two more durable elastics inside the golf cover secure to a tight fit.  You do not have to worry that they will be lost on the course time to time.

    Someone might ask, will the head covers easy on and easy off the clubs with the tight fit? The answer is, we know your concern and we add a holder on the cover. 

     Gold & Silver Fleur De Lis Extended Version Golf Head Cover

    If you are now finding a head cover that can well protect your gears, this Fleur De Lis extended version golf head cover is definitely a good choice. Fleur De Lis is a royal symbol, with special gold & silver metallic thread embroidered on the head cover, is a perfect decoration of the golf bag.

    Check more details about our head cover:

    The original  version Fleur De Lis golf head cover

    The extended version golf head cover

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  • New Spring Collection- A Guide To Spring Golf Head Cover

    Posted on by Summer Peng

    With the coming of new season, flowers in full bloom, the grass are flourishing. For the new season, Craftsman Golf design a serial new head covers.  When you play golf on the course, you may need something fresh, head cover in light colorway will let you feel good with the rising temperature.


    SAKURA Cherry Blossom 3-Piece Leather Golf Head Cover

    Mainly white, co-ordinate with light pink and light purple SAKURA Cherry Blossom. Simple and clear. 3-piece design with elastic neck keeps the cover securely fastened.  Soft pink inner lining well protect your clubs, it's really a great gift for ladies.


    Petals 3-Piece Golf Head Cover

    Mainly light blue, co-ordinate with big pink petals, colorful and bright. Muti-color middle panel design is attractive. This head cover has soft pink interior to well protect your club from scratches and nicks. If you want to grab people’s eye on the course, it absolute a good choice.


    Luck Clover Golf Head Cover

    Lucy clover, represent a positive lifestyle. Just make your own luck and enjoy on the course.This lucky clover cover has a big family that including wood cover, putter cover, and iron cover. Will be soon available on the website store!

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  • Customize Couple Golf Covers

    Posted on by Ivy Tang

    Craftsman Golf custom couple head cover
    As we all know, it will be a great thing for couples to own couple things with your and his/her name. For the golf lovers like you, it will be more special if you can own one related with golf. 

    Our chief designer specially designed this couple golf covers. To embroider your names on the covers to commemorate your love.

    This kind of cover is adopted with improved mold, it makes this three-piece style more dimensional and as well enhances its protection ability. The premium leather is soft and has strong dirt resistant.

    Craftsman Golf custom couple head cover

    You can customize this couple golf covers as a gift for anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day, add a little romance to your life.

    How to buy?--- Send us an E-mail at, tell us the names you want to embroider on the couple golf covers. We will create for you!
    Besides this kind of original design couple covers, we will introduce other original designs from time to time, please kindly pay attention to us.

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