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Unofficial Craftsman Golf ‘Birdie’ Headcover review by Steve Davies 



Craftsman 'Birdie' Headcover set


I’ll place the pictures at the bottom of my review to make it easier to read through…

 golf headcovers

First Impressions: 5 out of 5


My first impressions were very good, quality seemed very high and all stitching was really neat with the alignment of the logos and birds being spot on. 

Colours were very bright and vibrant and materials seemed to be good quality.

It states on the website that the covers are leather but I couldn’t detect a leather smell but the material was very soft and supple so I contacted Craftsman golf regarding the material and they use a PU leather so there is misleading information on the website description - I’ve suggested changing the description - This has now been corrected to state PU leather on the website. 

The linings are nice and soft and should do a good job of protecting the clubs. 

A nice touch on the putter cover is the magnetic closure which I much prefer to velcro. 


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