Reasons to use or not to use iron head cover?

The reason for using or not using iron head cover has been debated. Let us look at their respective reasons?

Not to use
1.Damage clubs. The use of iron head covers is not recommended as they trap moisture and accelerate the production of rust.


3.They also slow pace of play. It became a pain with the pace of golf game, taking the time to put the iron cover on and off so they gave to cover up.

1.Protect clubs. You don't like your irons to have dings of scratches, like to keep them as clean and nice as possible. The iron club must be protected, especially clubs are inside of your trunk or back seat, transportation between your place and whatever course or range you are going to... or during air travel.

2.Get away from bag chatter / eliminate the noise. There are many people really hate the clanging sound of the bag chatter when they carry the bag around. The club also bounces around when a golfer is walking and create a disturbing clanking sound.

3.Get more resale value. If you pay more money for a new set of irons, you want them to be in the best conditions as long as possible. As well, when you want to sell them, you get more money for flawless clubs.

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