Muscle back & Cavity back & Bladed Iron head covers?

There’re 3 types irons: Muscle Back Iron, Cavity Back Iron, and Bladed Iron.

A lot of top pros use “bladed irons” or “muscle irons” while beginners or Recreational player would like the "cavity back" type. As the bigger iron head the more forgiveness it is going to have, so you could get more forgiveness and more distance if you compare to a bladed iron when you strike the outer heel or the toe you will get less forgiveness and it will feel a lot worse in the hands.That’s why you see the top pros using the bladed clubs because it allows them to have control and workability over the shots, they don’t have any problem striking the ball when they’re on form but controlling the ball fly and working it left to right, right to left,that’s what’s important to them.


It's Cavity back iron> Muscle back iron> Bladed iron from the easiest strike to the hardest. 


 Now you could see the profile here, the muscle back irons are wider than bladed irons and cavity back iron.

And cavity back iron is wider than bladed iron.


CRAFTSMAN GOLF Iron Head Covers are designed to fit most modern day standard iron clubs, including muscle back, cavity back and bladed irons.


When you’re looking for the muscle back iron head cover, cavity back iron head cover and bladed iron head cover, then


Colorful Number Neoprene Golf Iron Head Cover Set could help you, not only for the protection but would not get off and make you upset and worrying about getting a new set. How could we put them on iron clubs easily? Here I will show you how to put them on.

  1. Hold the iron cover’s opening between finger and thumb;
  2. Hold your irons with another hand, pressing heel with thumb;
  3. Then the covers being pushed into the cover from irons toe to heel, and hosel.

 Please refer to below flowchart:

It’s easy to take them off, just remember to hold the cover’s opening and pull it down.

This is the video for your reference:


For more questions, please contact Bella Green with email:


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