• Tell Me More Golf - Wedge Covers Review

    Tell Me More Golf - Wedge Covers Review
    Do you have a go-to wedge that you use all the time?  Well, I do!  I use a wedge constantly around the green and from about 85 yards away from the flag stick. I am talking about my Mizuno MpT5 wedge. It’s no doubt my most used iron in the bag and I needed a way to protect this from the slamming around it gets...
  • Are you looking for an individual iron cover for single iron?

    As for the single iron headcover for your club,do you have same questions as below? “I have a few friends that use your iron covers and I really like them. However, I am only looking for one cover for my 2-iron. Can I order an individual cover? I was looking for one of the magnetic extended version. I didn’t know if y’all carried 2-iron...
  • What’s the difference of Craftsman Golf leather iron head covers?

    1, This leather iron head covers set was created by Craftsman Golf in 2012, and it’s guaranteed. 2, What we use for this iron head covers set is premium lychee pattern leather, not cheap poor quality material. 3, We have Quality Inspection Department.All the iron head covers including driver covers,wood covers and putter covers are checked and tested carefully one by one by the team! So...
  • This is why the Long Neck Sock Golf Head Cover was born

    If you play most of your golf using a cart, and you remove the head covers the entire round, there will be some contact between the iron club heads and the graphite shafts. Irons damage the graphite shafts in the golf bag. If there’s a wear spot on your graphite shaft, you must be really annoyed, unless you are not pretty particular about your...
  • Muscle back & Cavity back & Bladed Iron head covers?

    There’re 3 types irons: Muscle Back Iron, Cavity Back Iron, and Bladed Iron. A lot of top pros use “bladed irons” or “muscle irons” while beginners or Recreational player would like the "cavity back" type. As the bigger iron head the more forgiveness it is going to have, so you could get more forgiveness and more distance if you compare to a bladed iron when you...
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