Independent Golf Review: Craftsman Golf

Headcover Sets for the Price of One

Craftsman Golf offers 25 different “stock” choices of head covers. They make those in 4 different styles of headcovers; pom, barrel, shaped and retro.  I went with the black and white striped in the retro style. They are a synthetic leather cover for every wood in the bag. They all have the Craftsman logo at the base in a different color based on the club. You can order them individually or as a set. They also have a couple different options for your hybrid cover. You can get the “x” cover or “ut” cover depending on the style you use, iron-like or a fairway wood type hybrid.
stripe golf cover
Craftsman Golf makes these at a lower price for the consumer.  But that doesn’t mean that you are getting a lesser quality product.  They are still a high quality cover.  The synthetic leather is actually really nice feeling and offers excellent protection for the head.  The inner fleece lining is also done in way that allows the cover to stretch a little over larger heads, yet not getting too bulky.  The stitching and seaming is all very high quality.  I’ve had zero issues with the covers.
driver cover
Craftsman Golf’s black and white striped covers match a number of my golf bags really well and look cool all together on top of my clubs.  They also have a number of other options to really jazz up your bag.  They make a number of creative putter covers and if you really want to go all out, they have irons cover too.  I suppose if you buy a set of PXG irons, you maybe would want to protect them from any club chatter.
golf headcover set
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