Golficity: Customized Craftsman Golf Headcovers First-Hand Review

There’s no question that custom headcovers are becoming a “thing” both on TOUR and in the amateur golfer’s bag.  Whether it be your favorite sports team or the company logo, you can essentially put anything on a headcover to style-up your bag.

golf head covers

First Impression

When these first landed on my office doorstep, I couldn’t wait to rip the bag open.  Admittedly, I never had custom headcovers before and have always used the big bulky one that comes with the driver…if I used anything at all (I recently lost my 3 wood cover).


These custom covers are made with a high quality leather, embroidered patches, hand stitched logos, and a soft inner liner to protect the club head.

I recently compared these to some of the ‘off-the-shelf’ knockoffs and the quality doesn’t even come close.  You’ll spend more on Craftsman, but you’ll get a much better and longer lasting product.  These guys have really nailed down every possible detail.

custom logo cover

Price and Where to Buy

Ordering these online couldn’t have been any easier, but if you need some hand-holding you can email your cover style selection and send a logo file to and you’ll get personal support on the other side.


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