Odyssey Backstryke Center Shaft Putter Head Cover


The design of putters hasn’t changed much over the years, and despite the new and funky designs we see every year, most people still use the more traditional shapes and styles. Having said that, Odyssey has thrown caution to the wind with the introduction of the new BackStryke series of putters.Let’s take a look at these interesting putters and see if they live up to the hype. 

Because the shaft goes into the back of the head rather than near the face, this creates an unconventional look. Many people will be familiar with the 2-Ball model, as it looks a lot like the other 2-ball models. The Marxman and Blade models are different, with black and white alignment lines. If you are one of those players out there that doesn’t like center shafted putters because the shaft distracts you and makes it harder to line up, you may like the BackStryke line.




Do you like an odyssey backstryke putter head cover with your own personal style? Design custom golf headcovers, premium leather. Completely customize your own unique headcover with stripes, colors, stitch, all with personalization.

Odyssey Backstryke Center Shaft Putter Head Cover

(Customized by Craftsman Golf)

Regular Center Shaft Putter Head Cover

So that we could see below photos with difference of regular center shaft putter head covers which were originally designed and produced by Craftsman Golf.

Craftsman Golf will create a custom head cover listing for this odd looking head cover for any golfers. Here below are the steps you could follow for your personal custom Odyssey Backstryke putter head cover.

1, Check the listing here: Odyssey Backstryke Center Shaft Putter Head Cover

2, Send your own logo or the one you like to Craftsman Golf E-mail: info@craftsmangolf.com

3, Craftsman Golf will reply you with a mock up first before production.

4, Craftsman Golf will follow your custom order accordingly and update you the status.


If there’re some more questions,please contact info@craftsmangolf.com.


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