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Craftsman Golf Headcovers
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: These are sharp and well made

I have long wanted custom GolfBlogger headcovers, so when Craftsman Golf offered to make me a couple, I jumped at the chance.

Craftsman has a nice selection of basic designs for custom covers, with various base color and stripe combinations. I selected white covers with green stripes for the driver and plain white one for the putter. I thought that my green logo would look good against the white background. For the logo, all I had to do was email them a png of the logo.

Within a couple of days, Craftsman returned an email with proof images of the designs, as shown below:

I asked for a minor adjustment in the positioning of the image on the putter cover; once that was approved, Craftsmen went to work.

I got the headcovers a couple of weeks later and could not have been more pleased. The embroidery has a high stitch density, and the design is flawlessly executed. The colors are spot on.

The body material of the headcovers is a heavy synthetic leather. It seems quite durable.

I especially appreciate that the magnets in the putter cover seem solidly in place. I have purchased a couple of headcovers over the past couple of years where the magnets were not secured and they have migrated inside the cover to the point where the cover is essentially useless (I’m looking at you, Team Effort golf)


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