Craftsman Golf Scorecard Holder

Why do you need a Golf Scorecard Holder?

Keeping score is the ultimate measure of a golfer’s success. Golf scorecards are small pieces of paper or card that can easily get damaged or lost if a scorecard holder is not used. I have ALWAYS used a scorecard holder and have seen plenty of people who don’t use them lose their card out of their pocket or have it fall off their trolley of golf buggy.

custom scorecard holders

Can you personalise this Golf Scorecard Holder?

Yes! You can personalise this scorecard holder by adding your name to it. This is a fairly simple process: simply add the product to your basket within Amazon by clicking the “customise now” button and follow the prompts. A personalised scorecard holder is a great idea when looking for a golf gift for Christmas or someone’s birthday. It must be ordered in plenty of time for the event, though, since Amazon suggest 3-5 weeks for dispatch on personalised holders. Of course, this service makes them a little dearer than the standard version, too, currently £19.99 on Amazon or they can be purchased direct from the Craftsman Golf website.


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