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My metal woods were protected from banging around against each other for 6 rounds by my iGolfReviews Craftsman Golf Custom Headcovers. They created iGolfReviews Custom headcovers which are high quality, look amazing and at a reasonable price for custom covers.   

This is the my Craftsman Golf Custom Headcover Review for 2022.

One of the easiest and lowest costs ways to show off your style on the golf course is headcovers.  Every manufacturer offers a basic headcover with the purchase of the club and there are hundreds of aftermarket options to spruce up your bag.  But have you ever gone searching for a certain design or logo and come up empty.  If you could create your own, what would it look like or say on it?  Craftsman Golf allows you to create you own custom headcovers.  While they don’t offer some crazy design/embroidery like a Swag or Scotty, if you have a logo, brand or saying you want on a headcover, Craftsman Golf can create a high quality affordable version of it.

custom golf head covers

Craftsman Golf has been making headcovers for years.  I have an early version of racing strips that sometimes find their way to the course still.  Over the years they have offered creative covers made by their designers.  More recently they opened up the design options for golfers to create they own custom covers.  As a brand iGolfReviews loves having custom gear on the bag.  While we like the OEMs, we really are brand agnostic and prefer to support our work rather than said OEM.  Plus the fact that I like to have my headcover match my bag, OEM color schemes rarely match.

 The Craftsman Golf Custom Covers start with a 11 different base cover options ranging from covers for just your name or full logo embroidery.  I went with thet clean white cover with black angled stripes.  The covers are really clean looking without the logo, and the addition of the logo makes them “pop” even more.  The process of picking a cover, submitting the logo is all online and very easy.  They mock up a proof and once you approve it they start production.  It take a couple weeks from idea to final product in hand.

The Craftsman Golf Custom Headcovers offer excellent protection for your metalwood (or irons or putters if you get those covers).  They aren’t too thick nor are they too thin, but a nice balance of protection yet easy to get on and off.  They woods covers will fit the largest driver, yet stay on a compact head and the same is true for the fairway and hybrid covers.  They have kind of “flat” design and by that I mean they are kind of the opposite of barrel headcovers.  You can actual lay them down pretty flat against the ground, but yet they “puff” open to hold and protect your woods nicely.


If you have a name or logo you’d like to bring to life on a headcover, check out the Craftsman Golf Custom Headcovers.  They make high quality, great looking, excellent functioning custom headcovers.  You can set it all up quickly and easily online and have your new headcovers in-hand in a couple weeks.  I’m impressed and happy with my new iGolfReviews Craftsman Golf Custom Headcovers.  You have 11 different base designs to start with, but from their, your logo or name will come to life through the stitching machines of Craftsman Golf.  

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