Craftsman Golf Stars & Stripes Carry Bag丨Independent Golf Review

I carried my clubs in the Craftsman Golf Stars & Stipes Carry Bag for 4 rounds of golf. It is one of the lightest compact carry bags you can use that will still hold a full set of clubs. Craftsman has been making headcovers for years and now has entered the bag market. They bag options are an incredible value as well as very functional on the course. You won’t find a better deal on a ‘Merica bag.

This is the my Craftsman Golf Stars & Stripes Carry Bag Review for 2022.

‘Merica is on our minds as we have mid-term elections. What a great nation we live in that gives so much power to the people. While it isn’t perfect, we are proud to me Americans. One way to display our pride is with stars & stripes golf gear. There are many different version out there, but Craftsman Golf created a golf bag that really shows off that pride well. They also did it at an incredible bargain. If you want one of the most stylish, lightest, lowest cost ‘Merica bags; the Craftsman Golf Stars & Stripes Carry Bag will be your best option.

golf bag

Craftsman Golf makes 3 bags; Sunday Bag, Stand Bag, and Carry Bag. They go from smallest to biggest. The Stars & Stripes Carry Bag is the biggest model and allows you to carry a full set of clubs in one of the lightest bags out there. Obviously the first thing that pops is the design.

The American Flag is proudly plastered all over the bag. It is mostly navy with stars and a few white and red stripes to really created a lovely design. It is one of the better ‘Merica bags I’ve seen. Obvious enough people will notice, but subtle enough people aren’t blinded.


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