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  • Are you looking for an individual iron cover for single iron?

    Posted on by Bella Green

    As for the single iron headcover for your club,do you have same questions as below?

    “I have a few friends that use your iron covers and I really like them. However, I am only looking for one cover for my 2-iron. Can I order an individual cover? I was looking for one of the magnetic extended version. I didn’t know if y’all carried 2-iron covers or if you had loose X covers left over”

    “I might be interested in ordering the same set for a buddy and just keeping one of them for myself. So if you’d like send me the coupon I’ll think about ordering them.”

    “Is there any way that I could purchase that single cover since I am on a fixed income and can’t afford to buy another complete set”

    “Can I purchase replacement covers for single clubs”

    “Separate iron head cover Needed”

    “I am writing to see if it is possible to order a single covers for individual irons instead of the entire set”

    “ I really like these covers and would like to keep the set complete as someone stole one of them”

    Previously the individual iron cover is too difficult to follow even though we got those request from some customers as for the production schedule,but now it becomes true.We already launched the “Colorful Embroidery Number Iron Head Cover”.The link is here.

    For right hand,including 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,Pw,Aw,Sw,Lw.    

    Here’s the whole set for your reference.

    There're many other original and handmade designs of Craftsman Golf iron headcovers. Regarding the golf headcover and other accessories, please contact us in any time.


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  • What’s the difference of Craftsman Golf leather iron head covers?

    Posted on by Bella Green

    1, This leather iron head covers set was created by Craftsman Golf in 2012, and it’s guaranteed.

    2, What we use for this iron head covers set is premium lychee pattern leather, not cheap poor quality material.

    3, We have Quality Inspection Department.All the iron head covers including driver covers,wood covers and putter covers are checked and tested carefully one by one by the team! So we’re not only just sampling inspection or spot check. And for the surface,there’s no wrinkle on leather by strict quality check.

    4, Indentified number embroidered with silver thread,not white thread although the silver thread is more expensive.


    5,Velcro closure is bigger and durable.

    Moreover, the thickness is without being too tight or too loose.

    More new designs will be launched soon! Please stay turned. If more questions,please contact 


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  • This is why the Long Neck Sock Golf Head Cover was born

    Posted on by Bella Green

    If you play most of your golf using a cart, and you remove the head covers the entire round, there will be some contact between the iron club heads and the graphite shafts. Irons damage the graphite shafts in the golf bag.

    Irons damage the graphite shafts in golf bag VS Iron cover protect golf shaft

    If there’s a wear spot on your graphite shaft, you must be really annoyed, unless you are not pretty particular about your equipment. This is why the Long Neck Sock Golf Head Cover was born. Keep your clubs looking and performing as new.

    The shot neck head cover can not protect golf shaft

    The long neck head cover protects golf shaft

    Compared to short head covers, long neck head covers in addition to protect the golf head, still can protect the shaft, especially the graphite shaft. Simply make sure you put the sock into the bag after putting them on clubs.


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  • Muscle back & Cavity back & Bladed Iron head covers?

    Posted on by Bella Green

    There’re 3 types irons: Muscle Back Iron, Cavity Back Iron, and Bladed Iron.

    A lot of top pros use “bladed irons” or “muscle irons” while beginners or Recreational player would like the "cavity back" type. As the bigger iron head the more forgiveness it is going to have, so you could get more forgiveness and more distance if you compare to a bladed iron when you strike the outer heel or the toe you will get less forgiveness and it will feel a lot worse in the hands.That’s why you see the top pros using the bladed clubs because it allows them to have control and workability over the shots, they don’t have any problem striking the ball when they’re on form but controlling the ball fly and working it left to right, right to left,that’s what’s important to them.


    It's Cavity back iron> Muscle back iron> Bladed iron from the easiest strike to the hardest. 


     Now you could see the profile here, the muscle back irons are wider than bladed irons and cavity back iron.

    And cavity back iron is wider than bladed iron.


    CRAFTSMAN GOLF Iron Head Covers are designed to fit most modern day standard iron clubs, including muscle back, cavity back and bladed irons.


    When you’re looking for the muscle back iron head cover, cavity back iron head cover and bladed iron head cover, then


    Colorful Number Neoprene Golf Iron Head Cover Set could help you, not only for the protection but would not get off and make you upset and worrying about getting a new set. How could we put them on iron clubs easily? Here I will show you how to put them on.

    1. Hold the iron cover’s opening between finger and thumb;
    2. Hold your irons with another hand, pressing heel with thumb;
    3. Then the covers being pushed into the cover from irons toe to heel, and hosel.

     Please refer to below flowchart:

    It’s easy to take them off, just remember to hold the cover’s opening and pull it down.

    This is the video for your reference:


    For more questions, please contact Bella Green with email:


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  • Reasons to use or not to use iron head cover?

    Posted on by Bella Green

    The reason for using or not using iron head cover has been debated. Let us look at their respective reasons?

    Not to use
    1.Damage clubs. The use of iron head covers is not recommended as they trap moisture and accelerate the production of rust.


    3.They also slow pace of play. It became a pain with the pace of golf game, taking the time to put the iron cover on and off so they gave to cover up.

    1.Protect clubs. You don't like your irons to have dings of scratches, like to keep them as clean and nice as possible. The iron club must be protected, especially clubs are inside of your trunk or back seat, transportation between your place and whatever course or range you are going to... or during air travel.

    2.Get away from bag chatter / eliminate the noise. There are many people really hate the clanging sound of the bag chatter when they carry the bag around. The club also bounces around when a golfer is walking and create a disturbing clanking sound.

    3.Get more resale value. If you pay more money for a new set of irons, you want them to be in the best conditions as long as possible. As well, when you want to sell them, you get more money for flawless clubs.

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