Driving Range Heroes Review

Craftsman Golf Headcovers

Whether you’re looking for a fairly simple headcover design, or something more custom, Craftsman Golf has you covered (see what I did there?).  They have plenty of styles and options to fit any golfer’s needs, to help add some flair, and customization to your bag.  Craftsman is a direct-to-consumer company making them an affordable option for any type of cover you may be in the market for.

custom golf headcovers

The Looks

My first thought when I opened up my Craftsman Golf headcover was “man, the stitching looks top notch on this thing.”  The attention to detail in the design of our DRH logo was fantastic, and most importantly, clear and crisp.

The cover itself looks high quality, and came out exactly how I’d hoped it to when designing it.  The shape is perfect and symmetrical, the stripes are clean and straight, and the cover just flat out looks good.  While it is fairly large for a fairway wood cover, it’s something I’m willing to overlook since the cover came out so clean.

personalized head cover


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